29 jan

Passion Spas Chromotherapy: The Benefits of Color

At Passion Spas, our goal is complete wellbeing. That’s why all our spas are featured with multi-colored LED lighting!

To best take advantage of this feature on your showroom floor, design a special room where you can create a magical atmosphere. Dim the lights, put on some relaxing music, and then turn on the jets and the LED lighting in one of our spas. Lay the scene for the consumer to be transported to an unforgettable moment of relaxation.

Each color in the LED light system corresponds to a particular chakra and brings different benefits:

Red (base): This color transmits energy and develops a sense of initiative.
Orange (center): Orange is the color that improves emotional health. It increases communication and creativity. It is also the color of courage.
Yellow (solar plexus): Ideal for stimulating and revitalizing the brain, yellow brings joy and enthusiasm. This is the color of the sun!
Green (heart): Soft and fresh, green is ideal for recovering from fatigue. Calm and restful, it is also the color of balance.
Turquoise (throat): The ideal color for communication. Turquoise allows the bather to refocus, and it stimulates discernment.
Blue (third eye): Blue is the color that awakens intuition and talent. It helps the bather relax and rest.
Purple (crown): Purple calms and strengthens the nervous system and increases brain activity. This color calms fears and anxieties.

Chromotherapy has been used since antiquity. Our friends Goethe and Newton were great followers!

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